Passengers trailer- Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt look hot


Passengers trailer- Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt look hot

Sometimes all you need to know about a film is the stars- Passengers features Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Is there more information needed? This might be the hottest on screen couple in recent memory, and they were enough to get a long gestating project finally into cinemas. Here's the first full trailer for Passengers.

The script has been floating around Hollywood for almost a decade and might have been made on a much smaller scale with Reese Witherspoon and Keanu Reeves.

Now it's a blockbuster sci-fi romance with two of the hottest stars of the moment. It's also a marquee part for Lawrence, seeing her earn a massive $20 million as well as 30 percent off the backend. If this is a hit, or even if it isn't, she's really in the big leagues now. And it's great to see her earning significantly more than Pratt at around $12 million.

As for the film, it looks like there's a lot going on considering it's about two people wandering around a giant spaceship. There's a lot more action that we were expecting, and you have to wonder when the romance actually gets time to blossom. It also seems like there's a pretty big spoiler right there in the promo.

Passengers is in cinemas in December. This one could be really big.

Passengers trailer- Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt look hot on
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