Patrick Wilson Cast as Villain in Aquaman Film


Patrick Wilson Cast as Villain in Aquaman Film
Aquaman is not the tight wearing, camp, dolphin skier you may remember him as.

Aquaman is usually one of three things to the general public, he’s either a joke comic book character who surfs on the backs of dolphins, or the super hero Vinny Chase played in Entourage, or he isn’t known at all.

We think audiences will be surprised at how cool of a character he really is, he often comes up against the Justice League as his real alliances lie with life under the sea, the entirety of whcih he is king over.

It looks from the Justice League trailer at least will be delving into the cooler side of the character which will be played by Jason Momoa.

Amber heard joins the cast as Mera and Willem Defoe as Vulko.

It now seems that the loose canon half brother of the son of Poseidon will be played by Patrick Wilson.

Ocean Master is the sort of character who will ruin your empire and steal your girl while you are off helping the surface dwellers save their world. So be warned.

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