Paul Rudd Wears a Super Hoodie in First Still From Ant-Man


Paul Rudd Wears a Super Hoodie in First Still From Ant-Man

Ant-Man started shooting today in San Francisco and we've already got the first still featuring Paul Rudd as the main fella himself, otherwise known as Scott Lang.

I met Paul Rudd once, he had the most amazing eyes...

Anyway he's an actor we never would have considered for a superhero role but it makes a certain kind of sense - he has the looks and the presence and if the movie is aiming for quite a comedic tone he can make that work too. Here's how he looks before he dons the suit.

There isn't a lot to go on here - Rudd's obviously been in a bit of a dust up and his gear suggests there might be some thievery afoot, which is in keeping with the pitch of the movie as more of a heist flick.

Edgar Wright dropped out of Ant-Man after working on the project for the best part of a decade recently, with Marvel responding quickly to keep their Phase 3 titles on track. They brought in Peyton Reed (Down With Love, Yes Man) and Anchorman guy Adam McKay started tweaking the script to give it another tug towards comedy.

We'll likely never know quite what Wright and co had in mind for Ant-Man, though Marvel swears a lot of his story and style remain in the finished script. There's little doubt that Reed is a much more workmanlike director, with practically no experience of action but we'll have to wait and see just how the film turns out.

Ant-Man also stars Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly andis set for release on the 17th of July 2015.

Paul Rudd Wears a Super Hoodie in First Still From Ant-Man on
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