Penny Dreadful is over - last episode already aired


Penny Dreadful is over - last episode already aired

Sometimes TV shows get cancelled in their prime, other times they linger on forever until they become rather terrible. There are still other situations where the creatives and the network come to a mutual decision that an end is in sight and they work towards that to give everyone involves the send off they deserve.

Penny Dreadful didn't do any of those things. The last episode aired on the 19th of June, 2016 and now the show is gone for good. No warning, just a message saying 'The End'.

It's a pretty unusual way to go about things but the lack of an announcement is a pretty interesting way to go about it, giving the audience a bit of a shock as they haven't been listening to everyone commenting on how much they enjoyed giving their characters a final send of. It just happened.

And that was because creator and writer John Logan didn't have anywhere else to go, creatively. In an interview with Variety he talks about how the story he wanted to tell was coming to a natural end - and you can read more if you don't mind pretty major spoilers for the last episode.

It's a shame to see the series go, not only because it represents a flight of fancy in the rather grounded TV realm but also due to the important extra work it brings into Ireland, where it has been shooting since 2013. How else would we get the chance to catch a glimpse of Eva Green on our streets?!

The last episode of Season 3 of Penny Dreadful airs tonight on Sky Atlantic in Ireland.

Penny Dreadful is over - last episode already aired on
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