ICO Inspired


ICO Inspired
Critically acclaimed classic more influential than one might think
Naughty Dog, otherwise known as the team responsible for the overwhelmingly popular Uncharted IP, have revealed Japanese cult classic ICO as a primary source of inspiration on their work. In particular the project they are currently working on, something along the lines of a halfway point between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4. The developer's boss Evan Wells injected some much respected modesty when he revealed that his team's latest masterwork wouldn't be his favourite Playstation game to date. Instead he touted GTA 3 and the aforementioned classic as the Brand's seminal titles, 'They're pretty different games, but they've both influenced the industry tremendously... [ICO's] the kind of game - that linear, narrative-driven experience - that we're focused on making right now. Everyone in the office has been influenced by it greatly; it's just a fantastic game.' Regarding the studio's focus on games which are driven by characters and narrative, Wells continued, '[Plot centric games] are very difficult and costly, but I hope people are now realising how story can really elevate the gaming experience.' ICO is finally receiving some well deserved adulation in recent months with recognisable names such as Peter Molyneux spouting it as heavily influential on his own popular franchise, Fable. Coupled with the upcoming re-mastered HD release of an ICO and Shadow of the Colossus next year, it seems the trend to focus as much on storytelling as with gameplay is turning some heads. Let's just hope it continues. Just not at the cost of gameplay, not looking at anyone in particular. Besides you Heavy Rain!

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