Piranha 3DD confirmed for cinema release in Ireland!


Piranha 3DD confirmed for cinema release in Ireland!
There's something in the water! Again!
2010’s horror remake Piranha was an over the top delight when it hit screens back in 2010, grabbing the newly minted 3D audience by the throat with brutal violence, copious nudity and a floating, dismembered phallus.

Piranha was hilarious and more than a little stomach churning yet, despite being about as R-rated as movies come these days, still managed to make more than $83 million worldwide.

A sequel was clearly in the offing but director Alexandre Aja declined to return, leaving the door open for John Gulager. He’s pretty much only known for the rather excellent but little seen Feast, the production of which was showcased in a TV series called Project Greenlight. The film was a siege movie in an isolated bar enlivened by some particularly unpleasant monstrous enemies – who were defined by the fact that they basically liked to copulate with everything.

Gulager also returned for Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds and Feast 3: Happy Finish – and you can probably tell everything you need to know about them from the titles.

Gulager comes to the wonderfully named Piranha 3DD with his frequent writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton in tow. The pair has been making something of a name for themselves in horror circles, penning the scripts for Saw IV, V, VI and 3D as well as The Collector.

Rumours have abounded for quite some time that Piranha 3DD would be getting a straight to video release in Ireland and the UK, but we’re pleased to announce that is no longer the case. We spoke to an Entertainment Film UK representative today who confirmed that the film will be coming to theatres, in 3D in Ireland – though no release date has been confirmed just yet.

To celebrate, here’s the latest trailer for Piranha 3DD. It has Ving Rhames shooting things with his prosthetic legs. You need to see this film.

More on Piranha 3DD when we get it!

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