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Planes Fire and Rescue Review
Planes Fire and Rescue (2014)
Robert Gannaway
Dane Cook, Ed Harris
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Dusty heads out to Piston Peak Nationsl Park to train as a fireflyer...

Pixar has an incredible reputation as a maker of very fine animated films but they've had their mis-steps over the years, and none as egregious as 2006's Cars and its 2011 sequel. Not only are the films themselves dull but the way they're ferociously focussed on selling toys to kids is more than a little sinister.

But they do make money (without including those toy sales), so a third film is on the way and even the spin off already has a sequel. 2013's Planes was a basically watchable adventure, mainly because airplanes are a bit more interesting than talking cars and made a decent amount of cash on a small budget. Now there's a sequel, Planes: Fire and Rescue.

It should be said that these movies don't actually come from Pixar but rather DisneyToon Studios who have been responsible for such classics as The Jungle Book 2, the recent Tinkerbell CG featuresand The Little Mermaid 47. Only one of those is a joke.

Honestly, Fire & Rescue is fine, and that four letter word applies to every aspect of the production. The visuals are fine, the action is fine, the story is fine and the performers are just about fine. As a tool to aggressively market expensive toys to children its just about bearable for adults and, at 84 minutes, not long enough to bore the oldies or tire out the youngsters.

Even Dane Cook is fine. And that's saying something.

5 Stars
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