Poltergeist Trailer Comparison - 1982 vs 2015 Version


Poltergeist Trailer Comparison - 1982 vs 2015 Version

For some reason, there's an all new version of Poltergeist on the way. It's considered a 'reboot' of the 1982 edition, produced by Steven Spielberg and directed (mostly) by Tobe Hooper.

Why do we need a reboot? Couldn't they just do their own haunting film without having to reference something else? Good questions but not what we're here for today, instead we're going to take a look at the trailer for the 1982 version of the film vs the first promo for the 2015 take.

Here's what it looked like in the year of ET and Bladerunner.

And here's the US trailer for the 2015 version.

TV tech has come a long way in 3 decades...

In this case, the main difference is pace. The sheer amount of cutting in the 2015 version means that we get through more story and spoil a huge number of scenes. By contrast, the original is quite slow paced, spending much more time setting up the idyllic life of the Freeling family before things hit the fan.

That also means much more focus on the scary shocks in the 2015 version, complete with jump-scare cutting and shrieks on the soundtrack. That's just a function of what people expect from horror these days, and there are some moments in the 2015 version which actually look pretty effective.

It's interesting to note that while the 2015 trailer gives away a lot of story and gags, the 1982 promo isn't light on spoilers either. It would have been relatively easy to edit around the fact that young Carol Anne is stolen by the rampaging spirits and to veer away from revealing too much of the ending. So while there's certainly more spectacle and effects work in the 2015 version, many of the story elements remain the same.

It was announced last year that the new Poltergeist would be shooting for a PG-13 rating, which doesn't mean that it can't still be an effective horror film. What remains frankly stunning is that the 1982 original managed to secure a PG rating in the States, after Spielberg leaned on the MPAA. That means anyone can see the film, but some material might not be suitable. And this is a movie full of violent shocks, scares and a scene where a dude graphically rips off his own face. Madness.

All things considered, Poltergeist 2015 is far looking altogether decent. It has a great cast and the set piece scares look pretty inventive, even if they're anchored to a previous movie. It's unlikely to reach the heights of the original, partly because it was around early enough to hbelp define a genre, but could be entertaining enough.

On another note, a second trailer for the new movie was also released. The international promo is markedly different to that US one above - for one thing its much louder and scarier and features an explicit reference to a scene from the 1982 film, head to 1.58 to check it out. Oh and don't get me started on Jared Harris's 'Irish' accent. His dad would be ashamed.

Poltergeist is in cinemas from the 31st of July 2015.

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