Post-Credits Scene was Deleted from The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Post-Credits Scene was Deleted from The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Spoilers within - tread with caution...

If you've not yet seen the super fun Amazing Spider-Man 2, then you might want to stop reading, because we're about to get super spoilery!

As is typically the trendd with comic book movies these days, a post-credits scene was shot for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, however it was removed from the movie before it hit theatres, and instead replaced with a teaser trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It hasn't taken too long for the internet to get wind of what the scene was about, however, and it looks like it hinted at the future of Norman Osbourne. The character only featured briefly in the final cut of the movie, which seemed a little bit odd, but the deleted scene puts everything into context, showing Osbourne's cryogenically frozen head in storage at Oscorp, suggesting that we're likely to see the character make a return to the series in the very near future.

Perhaps we'll have the opportunity to see the scene when the movie hits Blu-ray and DVD later this year, but that's far from a given, and it's possible it may instead be used to frame thebeginning of the third movie.

Post-Credits Scene was Deleted from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on
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