Prometheus Sequel Coming in 2016?


Prometheus Sequel Coming in 2016?
New writer brought on to help finesse Ridley Scott's sequel...

Whether or not you liked the Alien-related spin-off/prequel thingy Prometheus, it's tough to argue that it wasn't one hell of a spectacle, and with takings of more than $400m at the global box office a follow up was never really in any doubt, was it?

Well it definitely looks like things are hotting up on that front, with an alleged leak putting the release date at March 4th, 2016, that's just under two years from now for those of you who like to keep track, so there's plenty of time to start getting yourselves hyped up about the potential for awesomeness.

The original was far from a classic, made all the more disappointing given Ridley Scott's track record, but it did manage to set things up nicely for future instalments in the franchise, competently shaking off its major Alien associations and instead focusing on a very different tale.

In a bid to keep things a little more cohesive this time around, the project has also gotten itself a new writer, as Jake Paglen's script is now being redrafted by Michael Green, which has also worked with Scott on an all new feature based within the universe ofPhilip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep (read: Blade Runner, if you're not familiar with Dick's work or its previous adaptations).

It's all starting to look rather promising for Prometheus 2 but, then, we had this same feeling last time around and only ended up being disappointed, so it's probably worth keeping your excitement in check... just for the time being anyway!

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