Protect Your Cloud With These Tips From Sex Tape


Protect Your Cloud With These Tips From Sex Tape

In case you haven't heard, many private photos were recently stolen from the accounts of some very famous folk. It's a sad state of affairs but all the more reason for you to get a handle on your online security. So here are a few top tips for protecting your photos, straight from the world of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel comedy Sex Tape.

“Password” is a terrible password
The digital equivalent of stashing your key under the plant pot by the door - the automated exploit that cracked half of Hollywood’s passwords relied on only 500 alternatives – protect your parts using phrases rather than words.

Lock down that photo stream!
Worried every photo you take may accidentally reach your mother, lover or priest? My Photo Stream automatically uploads iPhone snaps to your iCloud. For maximum security tap "Photos" and manually switch off the Photo Stream feature to preserve your modesty.

External Hard-drive
f your iCloud is leakier than Assange’s Wiki, consider backing up all personal materials on an external hard drive – the Fort Knox of data protection.

Take your phone to the cleaners
Sometimes once is never enough. Avoid airing your dirty laundry by not simply deleting offending images from your phone but overriding old files with new.

The Two-Step
Batten down your hatches by deploying the Two-Step. Each time you want to log into your iCloud account anew, Apple will send a code to your phone or other Apple device. The code changes after each login attempt. Tidy.

Sex Tape is in cinemas from the 3rd of September 2014.

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