Quentin Tarantino Hasn't Given Up on Hateful Eight


Quentin Tarantino Hasn't Given Up on Hateful Eight
Movie could yet see the light of day...

Quentin Tarantino has claimed that he's still working on the script for Hateful Eight, the movie that was so controversially leaked by Gawker earlier on this year, leading to the director canning plans to actually shoot the flick. Speaking during a once-offreading of the leaked script, Tarantino told the audience that the piece was simply a first draft, and that a second draft was already in the works, which would dramatically alter, or completely remove, the script's final chapter.

Tarantino's admission that he's not yet given up on the movie is the clearest indication yet that it might yet hit big screens. With a legal battle currently ongoing with Gawker, the website that published the leaked document to begin with, it was thought that the whole thing would simply be cancelled, but the famed director clearly believes the story has far too much value to be discarded in such an unbecoming manner.

Those who have read the script (we've been trying to avoid it so as not to ruin any potential movie), have claimed that the work is both gruesomely violent and riotously funny in equal measures, with the scope of the piece a lot more reserved than Tarantino's more recent efforts, so more likely to be a slimmer, more budget-friendly afair along the lines of his earlier work should it ever enter production.

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