Resident Evil the Final Chapter gets a trailer


Resident Evil the Final Chapter gets a trailer

When British director Paul W.S. Anderson first stepped behind the camera for Resident Evil in Germany in early 2001, he couldn't possibly have known he was birthing a series with serious legs, and also one that would see him remaining involved creatively for the next decade and a half.

But so it came to pass and we now live in a world with six big screen live action movies set in the world of Resident Evil. They've become increasingly outlandish over time and, let's be honest, more and more nonsensical but each film has managed to make a bit of cash so Sony keeps churning them out.

Now Anderson is back for the fourth time at the helm together with real-life wife Milla Jovovich for what promises to be the last entry. It's right there in the title: Resident Evil The Final Chapter.

Here's a teaser trailer.

It has all the things you expect - Jovovich in tight clothes, gunfire, weird monsters, lots of CG stuff and outlandish characters saying pretty silly things.

Personally I've always found these Resi movies to be diverting enough and really close to be a lot of fun if it was a little less serious and the action a little more coherent. But I'll take what I can get and this is likely to be more of the same, though this time the fate of humanity is in the balance.

In cinemas in February, 2016.

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