Right Now - No One Knows What the Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Scene is. And That's a Good Thing.


Right Now - No One Knows What the Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Scene is. And That's a Good Thing.

It's hard to really understand what Marvel has done for the blockbuster. Since 2008, they've been building a cinematic universe that is literally without compare, after blundering for years trying to make self-contained titles into hits.

The key, as they've found, is consistency. You bring a character to the big screen, while also clearly placing them into a world which the audience is slowly getting to know and love. It's a genius move, echoing the rather more niche way in which the comic book universe works and - not incidentally - guaranteeing their blow out Avengers flicks are global and momentous events.

But they've also been clever about any number of other things - like hiring Joss Whedon to bring a through line of tone to the entire Universe and elements as subtle as those post credit stings. Ever since Iron Man, they've been fun little moments for the audience, a little bit of extra value for money. But they're also in a position now to let these scenes point ahead to future films and even introduce villains long before they ever appear.

They've also managed to train millions of people to linger around in the cinema long after most would have been heading for home!

These stings are something for real fans, for those dedicated to putting together the pieces and risking annoying other theatre-goers by lingering around in their leg space. And its a treat that's just for those who pay to see the movie.

That's right - I got the chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy recently and about all I can say about it is that there was no mid or post credit scene. That's something they save for the paying audience and also reviewers who are happy to put down cash to see the film again, which I will certainly be doing.

It's another gift to the audience, a chance to experience some small part of the film for the first time, and another sure sign that Marvel has the skills and talent to deliver incredible movie experiences for years to come.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas in Ireland from the 31st of July 2014.

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