Right Now in a Galaxy Close By - Star Wars Episode VII is Filming!


Right Now in a Galaxy Close By - Star Wars Episode VII is Filming!
Just tell us the cast already!

Star Wars Episode VII is filming right now. Somewhere in our galaxy...

At least that's according to Alan Horn who, as the chairman of Disney Studios, probably should know a thing or two about it. The 71 year old executive was talking at theLoyola Marymount University School of Film and Television in Los Angeles and dropped a few tidbits.

They included mentioning that some part of the film is shooting already (though where remains a mystery) that the cast is mostly full but not quite there and that the script is finally finished - all elements we didn't know before this chat.

You can watch a snippet from the full interview here, with Horn seeming a lot more open than the frustratingly tight lipped JJ Abrams who is set to direct the film. There's even a Yoda joke in here!

A few notes on these apparent revelations. Movies shoot footage early all the time, sometimes second unit stuff and often something as innocuous as background footage of locations. It's not very likely that someone is standing somewhere with a silly looking fake light saber.

Confirming that the script is done must be a moment of massive relief for all involved but the lack of a full cast is worrying - there's significantly less than 2 years left to hit that December 2015 release date and for a movie with as many FX shots as Star Wars, its going to be a long process getting it finished in time.

This also reveals that there are a bunch of actors out there in the world who know that they're going to be in the next Star Wars film - that their lives are about to change - but they can't tell a soul. Sucks to be them!

Star Wars Episode VII is in cinemas from the 18th of December 2015.

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