Robert Kirkman's Outcast debuts on Facebook in Ireland tonight


Robert Kirkman's Outcast debuts on Facebook in Ireland tonight

Outcast is a new show based on a series of comics by none other than Robert Kirkman. If you think you dimly recognise the name that's because he's the creator of The Walking Dead.

This time the series is about a family with some serious demonic issues, and it's coming to Cinemax in the US on the 3rd of June 2016. That's pretty cool news but the even better stuff is that you can watch the first episode for free, tonight!

That's right, episode one of Outcast will be debuting through Facebook Live on the Fox page across Europe on Friday the 20th of May, 2016. Or so says this post.

Cinemax has the rights to the show in the United States and Fox in the rest of the world - which is why its premiering in these waters through Fox.

Now the only potential issue there for me is that Cinemax is a cable channel and has no limit on blood and gore and Fox is a network which can't show as much. With a premise like Outcast there's a lot of opportunity for nasty stuff, so I'm hoping we don't get a watered down version outside of the States.

The comic is well regarded and the series has already been renewed for a second season so we're looking forward to this one.

Outcast episode one airs on the Fox Facebook page at 9pm on Friday the 20th of May, 2016.

Robert Kirkman`s Outcast debuts on Facebook in Ireland tonight on
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