Room triumphs at the box office


Room triumphs at the box office

The good news for Lenny Abrahamson's latest Room keeps rolling in, with positive notice at the box office and awards lists worldwide.

The film, which shot in Canada and was directed by What Richard Did and Frank helmer Abrahamson, from a script by Irish author Emma Donoghue, racked up an amazing four Oscar nominations late last week. The script, acting and direction were all honoured, and the film itself was nominated for Best Picture. It's an astounding achivement for a small picture, and comes fresh of star Brie Larson's Golden Globe win for Best Actress.

She's definitely on course to pick up the Oscar at the end of February, also picking up the Critics Choice Award at the weekend alongside a special notice for young star Jacob Tremblay.

The extra attention for the awards has had another benefit at the box office. The film expanded even wider at the box office in the US and took in a further $700,000, that's an increase of more than 500% on the previous weekend. and brings it's domestic total to more than $6 million.

Room has just debuted in Irish cinemas and took more than €200,000 at 50 locations throughout the country. The sold out screenings at the weekend mean that it will expand to 50% more screens this week, showing the huge demand for the indie film with Irish audiences.

Producer Ed Guiney commented “We are still processing last week's brilliant news about Brie’s Golden Globe win and the 4 Oscar nominations. While these accolades are amazing in themselves, their impact on the box office of the film can be seen this past weekend in the 500% increase in US box office and the stellar opening numbers in Ireland and the UK. Congrats to all our distributors; A24, Studio Canal and our own team at Element Pictures Distribution.”

Room is in Irish cinemas now.

Room triumphs at the box office on
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