Ryan Reynolds on for Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds on for Deadpool

So there's a Deadpool movie finally coming, it even has a release date in 2016. And you know who should be playing Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds silly!

Everyone knows it, including Reynolds, and it seems like the studio sorts have finally managed to get it through their skulls as well... at least that's what we're getting from Reynolds' activity on Twitter.

Good stuff.

If you require your news to be more official-like, Deadline also has word that studio Fox are getting close to an agreement with the actor. Honestly, it doesn't seem like Reynolds is that busy, with a couple of indies on the cards. He hasn't had a major hit in years. That said, there's no guarantee Deadpool will be a success, especially given the recent report that it may have to be a PG-13.

That's not too surprising, given that this film is likely to have to fit in with the mold created by studio bedfellow X-Men. There's plenty of latitude for violence with a PG-13 but not-so DP's trademark foul-mouthed outbursts and more risque moments. R-rated all the way, people.

Deadpool is currently set for a February 2016 release, with shooting set to start in March 2015.

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