Sausage Party wants to win awards!


Sausage Party wants to win awards!

I was on board with a lot of what Sausage Party was trying to do when it arrived in cinemas earlier in the year, but I know plenty of people who thought it was an utter waste of time. Regardless, Sony thinks the film can win awards.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the studio is going to be going all out for an awards push this season. That includes taking out ads, sending mailers to influential people in the Academy and generally doing a Miramax on the whole thing.

The film was certainly a hit with audiences and did pretty well with critics too, on the way to earning $135 million worldwide on a tiny $19 million budget. That makes it the most financially successful R-rated movie of all time and Sony can use the cash to put this campaign together.

Sony's Tom Rothman says: "Academy members are way smarter and more forward-thinking than people realize. They want to recognize bold, original, risky breakthroughs, and that’s what Sausage Party is, however subversive. Plus, it’s just plain cool."

We'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

-Daniel Anderson

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