Scott Adkins Speaks About Possible Remake of The Raid


Scott Adkins Speaks About Possible Remake of The Raid
Don't worry, it's only hypothetical (so far)...

In an interview with website Total Film, martial artist Scott Adkins has spoken about his desire to be involved with a potential English languate remake of Welsh director Gareth Evans' hugely successful The Raid, on the eve of the sequel's release.

I’m a huge fan [of The Raid], I’m a massive fan, and this is no secret: I’m friends with Gareth. And, absolutely, of course I would love to, that’s all I’ll say at this point. I’ve spoken to Gareth about it, he’s an executive producer, he’s going to let other people create their version of it, he’s not going to get too involved. I know Gareth would like to work with me in the future – hopefully that does happen.

I’m a massive fan, I cannot wait to seeRaid 2. Just yesterdaywe watched that deleted scene, how amazing is that for a deleted scene? The guy is a poet,the guy is a poet. he’s so much more than an action director.

While we're all for more of The Raid, perhaps it's a little too soon to bespeaking about a remake - but should one happen down the line, we'd be happy enough to see what Adkins can bring to the table (assuming Iko Uwais doesn't fancy taking some English lessons between now and then).

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