Scully's back on the X-Files set!


Scully's back on the X-Files set!

The X-Files is coming back and while those who lived through the early 90s try to sort out their feelings on that one, the production is moving ahead.

The latest news comes directly from Gillian Anderson's Twitter feed, she just posted this pic.

It's all kinds of cool, especially knowing that the character names are on their chairs from the off. But it also points out something interesting about returning to the show - namely the advent of social media. Back when the original series was in production it would have been unheard of for one of the main cast to be taking pictures and throwing them right out there for the world to see.

Today, we have direct access to whatever these people choose to share and while that's often very heavily curated, it's a fascinating way to experience a production in snapshots from the stars themselves. It's also a guarantee that we're going to see more of Anderson and co-star David Duchovny as the shooting ramps up, likely wearing very nice coats and wandering the streets of Vancouver. Those images will be snapped and uploaded in minutes to Twitter, Facebook and other services, possibly giving us an early glimpse at elements of plot and character beats.

The world has changed since X-Files went away, we wonder if they'll manage to address that kind of changing technology. One element which suggests things will be updated is that Community star Joel McHale recently signed on to play the part of an internet news network guy who will work with Duchovny's Mulder.

The X-Files event series will premiere in January 2016.

Scully`s back on the X-Files set! on
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