See Chris Hemsworth shocking weight loss for role


See Chris Hemsworth shocking weight loss for role

Chris Hemsworth is already well known for the body transformation necessary to become the god of Thunder himself, Thor, for his role in the Avengers movies. But his latest role involved a very different kind of diet program.

Here's a shot of the actor after he completed the gruelling shoot for new movie In the Heart of the Sea.

It's definitely some kind of extreme diet plan...

In the film, Hemsworth plays Owen Chase, the first mate on a whaling ship called the Essex. In 1820, this real-life ship and her crew came up againt a gigantic whale in the middle of the ocean and were left wrecked and without safe harbour. The survivors face starvation and worse as the story continues.

The actor has said that the main cast were eating as little as 500 calories a day to lose weight, and together with makeup and a scraggly beard and hair we get this spectre of what the normal healthy Hemsworth looks like. And it looks like he'll have to be back at the protein again, with Thor Ragnoarok set to go before cameras in 2016.

In the Heart of the Sea hits cinemas on the 26th of December 2015.

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