See how old Professor X is in Wolverine 3


See how old Professor X is in Wolverine 3

We already know that Hugh Jackman is done with the role of Wolverine after his final appearance next year in a movie which has been titled Logan.

We've also heard that Patrick Stewart would be back as Charles Xavier, again potentially for the last time. Now Logan director James Mangold has revealed how the actor is going to look in the role.

Wow. This is definitely the oldest we've ever seen the English actor look, and he might even be dressed in pyjamas and a dressing gown. It's a stunning shot, and it doesn't hurt that Mangold is using a camera and lens combination which costs at least 25 thousand dollars!

As for how the timelines line up, well that's starting to get really messy in Fox's X-Men verse. Charles X was already looking pretty aged back in 2000 with the first feature film, and presuming Logan takes place later than the future part of Days of Future Past (where he was looking a lot more spry) he's got to be pushing 100 by now.

That also means Logan himself will be older, though his mutation has massively slowed down the aging process he's still been around since before the American Civil War. We've heard that Wolverine is going to be slower and more wrecked than ever before, which would make sense.

Logan is out in March, 2017. Expect a trailer soon.

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