See Sharlto Copley in Action in PlayStations Powers TV series


See Sharlto Copley in Action in PlayStations Powers TV series

Powers was a comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming which centred on an alternative world where superpowers are real. So far, so familar you might say but the main difference in this universe is that powers are more prevalent - most people have some kind of extra ability.

Which is interesting but also makes police these Powers kind of difficult. So law enforcement recruits powerful sorts to help them keep the crooks in check.

The comic was first set up as a movie and then a conventional TV series before finally being picked up as the first show to be developed and produced by Sony's PlayStation Network. That means it'll debut on the console (possibly to PS Plus subscribers) and could be the start of self produced content to rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Or so Sony hopes.

Today, we've got the first image from the show - which is currently one month into shooting under director David Slade. Check out Sharlto Copley and co-star Susan Heyward as Christian Walker and rookie Deena Pilgrim.

Apparently Deena will be quite like the comic, while Walker is a bit more 'stoic' - at least that's the take of showrunner Charlie Huston (author and first time TV guy) in his chat with USA Today. The rest of the cast includes Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor and Michelle Forbes.

It's not entirely clear where Powers is positioning itself right now. PlayStation want to pitch it as a premium product and Huston himself sees it as more in the realm of a 10 hour movie. And the cast and director (Slade is on for the first two episodes) certanly bears that through to some degree though Copley isn't exactly a leading man and Slade has done plenty of TV before.

For me, it's really all about the budget at this stage. The world they're setting up sounds ambitious and if the on screen version is small or the effects are dire its going to feel like a wasted opportunity. We'll know more when the first footage arrives, which will probably be quite soon.

Powers will arrive exclusively on PSN in December 2014.

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