Shailene Woodley Loves That Divergent Has an Active Female Lead


Shailene Woodley Loves That Divergent Has an Active Female Lead
Not just a damsel in distress

Divergent is on the way to cinemas around the world, and the lead actress is happy to be working on a movie with more interesting female roles.

22 year old Shailene Woodley has made most of her movies in the independent world but even when she moves into blockbuster filmmaking she’s happy to be subverting some norms. Tris Prior is a very active character in Divergent, not willing to wait to be saved, and that’s quite different to most books and movies:

“Yea I love that and I don’t think we see enough of that,” says the actress. “So often you see women, damsels in distress or needing to be saved. And other things I love about this movie is that her relationship with Four is so healthy. They don’t have a toxic, co-dependent relationship, they’re more like partners with a romantic edge.”

The movie goes further to present more realistic female relationships that aren’t just there to create extra drama: “And the relationship between Tris and Christina is really beautiful as well. Christina and Tris are sisters essentially, they have a great sisterhood. There’s no jealousy or envy and you don’t see that in movies where two girlfriends can just be girlfriends and support one another without a dark edge.”

Young adult movies are generally stained by the assumption that they’re less mature than regular box office fare but with the cleverness of The Hunger Games and a more engaging lead in Divergent they might just prove to be more interesting cinema than we’re expecting.

Divergent is in cinemas from the 4th of April. Click here to read the rest of our interview with Shailene Woodley.

Shailene Woodley Loves That Divergent Has an Active Female Lead on
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