Sherlock Christmas Special May Have Time-Travelling Strangeness!


Sherlock Christmas Special May Have Time-Travelling Strangeness!

There was no reason to expect much from the BBC's new take on the old story of Sherlock but, thanks to some natty writing and brilliant casting, its become a runaway success.

Unfortunately, because leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are so awesome they're frequently in high demand, which means longer delays than we would like between full series for the twosome. That's partly helped in 2015 by the presence of a Christmas special, which will air at the end of the year.

Shooting is currently underway for the once off ep, which will likely be featured length as with every part of the show so far. And there's something a little different looking about the cast this time around. Basically, what's with the period garb?!

So what gives? Naturally, everyone involved is tight-lipped so we're going to take a couple of guesses. A dream? Some kind of re-inactment? Full blown time travel seems pretty unlikely but given that this is a Christmas special not tied to a regular series, that means normal narrative rules don't apply.

What if Sherlock crosses over with stablemates like Downton and Doctor Who? What if there are Cybermen!? It's pretty likely its part of some eleborate joke, leaving us waiting most of a year for the punchline.

There's no confirmed air date for the Sherlock Christmas Special but you can probably guess what time of the year its likely to debut. Hint - it's not Easter.

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