Simon Delaney could make a gangster epic with HBO!


Simon Delaney could make a gangster epic with HBO!

We had a chat recently with the rather marvellous Simon Delaney about The Conjuring 2, and dove into a lot of other subjects besides.

One was finding out about what his dream project would be, and it turns out he's a bit of a gangster fanatic.

"If I could be reincarnated it would be 1930s Chicago and I’d be hanging off the side of a car on my way to a speakeasy. So it would be Boardwalk Empire, Goodfellas… that world intrigues me."

We then asked if he was interested in directing or acting in the project, and he said he'd like to be at the helm although "I'd love to play a f**king gangster!"

And it seems this project is already in the works in some form, with Delaney confirming: "We’ve started writing, I have a couple of LA based writing partners and we’ve written a TV drama series set at a certain time and it goes across the Atlantic between Ireland and the US. The underworld always fascinates me..."

That sounds like it could be pretty impressive stuff, with events in Ireland and the US giving the show an different spin we haven't seen before. Irish connections are always popular with American audiences too, so this even has commericial potential.

We might even get to see a heavyweight like HBO take on Delaney's pitch. When asked what he was up to next, in the wake of the Conjuring and welcoming a new addition to the family, Delaney said he has a few documentaries in development as well as "a TV series written for the States which we’re hoping to talk to HBO about. That’s a period piece but gangster driven, stay tuned!"

We certainly will.

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