Simon Pegg says Star Trek Beyond ads are spoilery


Simon Pegg says Star Trek Beyond ads are spoilery

It's no secret that movie studios have a habit of spoiling huge great chunks of their biggest movies in a desperate attempt to get as many bums in seats as possible - just look at the trailers for Batman v Superman which not only revealed the nature of the third act baddie but how it was created.

It's pretty much a bummer for movie fans who are innocently watching a trailer, possibly even one while confined in a cinema, only to have the carefully considered plotting of the writers and director spoiled by the marketing department.

Star Trek Beyond is the latest film to show off some of its bigger secrets in a recent TV spot and now writer and star Simon Pegg has just come out and said that you shouldn't watch it. In fact, if you want to enjoy the film just stop engaging with any of the promo material completely.

Pegg himself quit Twitter a couple of years back so this is a account run by his team and you can be sure it comes right from his mouth to that 140 character limit. Considering he also co-wrote the script for the film, it's a pretty serious matter when he's telling people to avoid the studio sanctioned promotional content.

If you do want to get excited for the film, Pegg recommends this non spoiler trailer which was edited by director Justin Lin himself. It's pretty neat.

Star Trek Beyond is in cinemas on the 22nd of July, 2016. We'll have a spoiler free review soon.

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