Sing Street director's dream project an epic musical - not Star Wars!


Sing Street director's dream project an epic musical - not Star Wars!

New Irish film Sing Street is in cinemas on the 17th of March and it's a delight, full of the grotty 80s flavour people of a certain vintage remember and cracking tunes from the era.

The films director John Carney has a way with musicals (though he doesn't call them that) have previously worked on Once and Begin Again. And if he could work on a dream project it would be in a similar style but on a much bigger scale. "a dream project… I would like to make a more traditional old school musical. Somehow find a way of doing that now so it didn’t feel dated but the set pieces were really big."

He'd want to go really, really big - and make sure that audiences felt it too: "with the hair on the back of your neck every 10 minutes like Singin’ in the Rain or something like that – just amazing. Incredible set pieces in that film. Kinda fancy that but trying to find the story is the hard part."

Large scale musicals haven't had much success at the box office in recent years, though hits like Moulin Rouge and Les Mis have kept the genre alive. Sing Street isn't necessarily labelled as a musical, and the trailer keeps its' identity a secret, but the story is told through song and there are some breakout moments of performance which recall the heyday of the 40s and 50s.

One thing is certain, while Carney would be interested in working on a bigger musical project that doesn't mean he wants to tip a toe into the blockbuster world. When we asked if he'd ever want to work on something like Star Wars he was quick to dismiss the notion: "Never! Not in a million years. if somebody gave me a Star Wars movie tomorrow I’d decline… not that they ever will!

Sing Street is in cinemas on the 17th of March 2016.

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