Sinister Squad trailer - a botched Suicide Squad clone


Sinister Squad trailer - a botched Suicide Squad clone

Hey did you know there's a company called The Asylum in the US which pretty much specialises is making rip-off movies?

Their MO is to take a look at major films which are coming out over the next year or so and put together a shoddy production with a similar title and plot. The rather awkward aim is to be on home video at the same time as the proper film, in the hope that some folks will accidentally pick their film up and they'll earn some money.

Given that the flicks are made for about 12 cents each, it's a business model that seems to be working. The Asylum's latest masterwork is called Sinister Squad - you'll never guess what film it's trying to rip off.

Here's the trailer.

So it's pretty much the exact same set up, just with no recognisable actors and almost no special effects. It also looks pretty terrible but for some viewers that makes it a fascinating prospect. Apparently The Asylum has never lost money on a production and they've only rarely run into serious legal trouble. Other films for 2016 include In the Name of Ben Hur and Independent's Day...

Sinister Squad is out now. You probably shouldn't watch it.

Sinister Squad trailer - a botched Suicide Squad clone on
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