Skinner's Back! Mitch Pileggi will return to The X-Files


Skinner's Back! Mitch Pileggi will return to The X-Files

Honestly, we still haven't quite got our heads around the fact that there's a new series of The X-Files in the works but apparently its a real thing, its happening and the cast is definitely coming back.

The latest news is a confirmation that Mitch Pileggi - yes bald-headed-boss-man Skinner - will be back on board for the new episodes. And how do we know? Well...

That's great news, and puts Skinner back in the frame with his mostly-allies Mulder and Scully - that's David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in case you weren't paying attention during the 90s. Or weren't alive, which is also quite possible. The X-Files ran for 9 seasons up to May 2002, drawing in almost 20 million viewers during its late 90s peak. And it was (mostly) great TV, with compelling leading characters and an overarching story which supplemented the monster-of-the-week format.

There was a decently received feature film in 1998 and a far less successful big screen outing in 2008, called I Want to Believe. A further seven years on, and 13 since the show finished, it makes a lot more sense to dive back into TV, especially with all the exciting things happening on the smaller screen. It's going to be a six episode event series, letting them play with a single storyline across a compressed period and see what the appetite is for more from these characters. Series creator Chris Carter is on board, as well as most everyone else from composer Mark Snow to The Smoking Man himself William B. Davis.

Let's just hope its good!

The X-Files miniseries will shoot in summer 2015, look for it on TV in 2016.

Skinner`s Back! Mitch Pileggi will return to The X-Files on
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