Star Trek 3 could be called Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek 3 could be called Star Trek Beyond

2009's Star Trek brought the ailing sci-fi franchise back into the big time and 2013's Into Darkness was a global box office success, so naturally there's a sequel on the way.

With previous director JJ Abrams decamping to the Star Wars univers (Traitor!) it's time for some new blood behind the camera and we're getting Justin Lin. He's the man best known for making the Fast and Furious franchise into the blockbuster it is today, helming numbers 3 to 6 in the massive series. Now he's going into the far future and deep space with Star Trek 3.

He's got some help in that as well, thanks to acting regular Simon Pegg who is also on board to co-write the script this time around. He's collaborating with TV scribe DougJung (Banshee, Dark Blue) on a film which will likely follow the ending of Into Darkness, with the crew heading off on a five year mission into deep space.

And now we might have a glimpse at the title which could be Star Trek Beyond. It could refer to going past the known galaxy (which is always a fun place to be) and at least makes a little more sense than Into Darkness, though in terms of the English language it still grates.

This is still a rumour right now, with the news coming from who also point out that Pegg has been dropping hints about the story for awhile now. With the film set to start shooting this month in Vancouver, we're going to be hearing more news soon, especially about the possible casting of Idris Elba as a villain and a role for the great Bryan Cranston.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho and Anton Yelchin are all back for Star Trek 3, which will be in cinemas in July 2016.

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