Star Trek Discovery loses top showrunner Bryan Fuller


Star Trek Discovery loses top showrunner Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller was a great pick as showrunner for the new Star Trek Discovery. Not only does he have form as a previous writer on Voyager and Deep Space Nine but he's been the main man behind TV treats like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal. It doesn't hurt that he's a massive Trek fan and the kind of person who could really shake up a franchise.

So it's entirely fitting that he's now leaving the role.

Fuller will step down as showrunner ahead of the start of shooting on Discovery, which is set to debut on CBS in May 2017 before becoming an exclusively CBS All Access show (and also arriving on Netflix shortly afterwards).

That's pretty sad news for pretty much everyone involved but it's not entirely surprising. As you may be aware, Fuller is currently putting together a take on Neil Gaiman's American Gods for Starz as well as a revival of Amazing Stories. He's also writing both series, in addition to penning at least the first two episodes of Discovery.

In short, the man is simply too busy to do everything at once, and the decision has been taken to have him step back from those top line duties on Star Trek. It's a shame but he'll still have creative input. He's handing off to Gretchen J Berg and Aaron Harberts and it all seems very amicable indeed.

They've worked on the likes of Reign, Revenge and Pushing Daisies, and Star Trek will hopefully be in safe hands.

Star Trek Discovery loses top showrunner Bryan Fuller on
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