Star Trek Discovery will have a female lead and more new info


Star Trek Discovery will have a female lead and more new info

Star Trek is coming back to the smaller screen, with a new series called Discovery set to start in January 2017.

That's great news for those who have been missing the episodic adventures and it's in great hands thanks to showrunner Bryan Fuller. Information has been pretty sparse to date but the latest revelations sound very interesting indeed.

Apparently the main character in Discovery will be of the female variety but there's more because rumours are suggesting she won't actually be the captain of the ship.

That's quite a change for a series which has always spent most of its time with high level officers, mostly of the captain variety, giving us a new perspective on the early days of the Federation.

There's more info on the way in official briefings from Fuller but he's mentioned a few times that he wants to add some 'diversity' with the casting of the lead. An early rumour suggested that the great Angela Basset could be up for the role, and that would make for a brilliant entry point into this series.

Fuller, who created Hannibal and wrote on Star Trek Voyager, is also keen to add some openly gay characters and further the inclusive and optimistic idea of the future which was first introduced by Gene Roddenberry.

Given that most of the series will air on a streaming service, there's also a chance this might be a different kind of Trek in terms of content- bad language might even happen and a few different versions of this kind of material could be shot.

There's a lot of additional information over here, and more on the way.

Star Trek Discovery will have a female lead and more new info on
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