Star Wars Episode VII Gets Even Bigger - Shooting on IMAX!


Star Wars Episode VII Gets Even Bigger - Shooting on IMAX!

Bad Robot, the production company owned by J.J. Abrams, just tweeted something from the set of Star Wars Episode VII. It went like this.

Some of Star Wars is going to be shot in the desert, oh and that's totally an IMAX camera.

Slashfilm got in touch with IMAX directly and they confirmed that the format is being used on the upcoming film. That does leave plenty of questions like just how much of the galaxy far, far away we're going to get to see in the large format and how the transitions will be handled, with a chance in the size of the image or something more subtle?

Personally, I'm not a fan of a film popping between different aspect ratios while I watch but the added clarity and scale of IMAX seems perfect for Star Wars. It's also really refreshing that now Abrams is shooting the film not only on 35mm film but also 70mm stock. Someone has to keep the photochemistry going.

It seems pretty much a given now that we're going to see Episode VII in IMAX and 3D next year. And that sounds just fine.

Star Wars Episode VII is in cinemas in December 2015.

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