Star Wars' instant bread took 3 months to make - and tasted horrible


Star Wars' instant bread took 3 months to make - and tasted horrible

The bread that Rey works so hard to get portions of wasn't CGI, as it turns out. While it's only on screen for a matter of seconds, the special effects team went down the practical effects route for it.

But the actual process of getting it to look the way it did in the film took months. "You wouldn’t believe how long it took to actually perfect that one, that little tiny gag in the film,” special effects supervisor Chris Corbould revealed to MTV News.

"It started off with the mechanics of getting the bread to rise and the liquid to disappear, but then there was the ongoing problem of what color should the bread be? What consistency should it be? Should it have cracks in it? Should it not have cracks in it?”

It took about three months, according to Corbould, who said that the mechanics of doing it were quite simple, but it was the cosmetic side that took some time.

In an interview with DP/30, Neal Scanlan revealed how the effect was pulled off. “We moulded up an inflatable bread so that it was deflated underneath the liquid and then we slowly inflated it and sucked out the liquid with vacuum pumps at the same time to produce this bread coming up and forming.”

The bread looked pretty tasty in the film, but maybe that's just because Rey tucked into it pretty eagerly. Apparently looks can be deceptive. “No, you wouldn’t want to eat it!” Corbould admitted.

Skip to around the 17-minute mark to see the duo talk about the instant bread.

Star Wars` instant bread took 3 months to make - and tasted horrible on
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