Star Wars is Filming in Kerry Right Now But Won't Anyone Think of the Ruins?!


Star Wars is Filming in Kerry Right Now But Won't Anyone Think of the Ruins?!

Star Wars is filming in Ireland. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

But the production crew and cast are hanging around on Skellig Michael for three days of first unit shooting, moving dozens of folks onto the island and shipping the more important folks back and forth via helicopter every day.

It's a totally bizarre thing to hear that people carrying lightsabers are hanging out off the Kerry coast but the stunning scenery is certainly a draw. And its encouraging to hear that new director J.J. Abrams is getting some real locations in there, after the CGI crapfest which was George Lucas' prequel trilogy.

So far, we've heard that Mark Hamill has been heading out to set with Abrams and his kids have also been spotted around the village of Portmagee. A local cafe was providing food for the crew as they set up, with another caterer taking over now that the full contingent is inbound.

There's no word on the other stars, like Harrison Ford or the younger sorts like Domhnall Gleeson on the set. Maybe these scenes are just of Luke Skywalker?

In related news UNESCO is currently trying to find out how the production was given permission to film on the island, which was classified as a World Heritage site in 1996 due to the ancient ruins that can be found there. With filming underway its unlikely that they'll be forced to stop at this late stage but there will no doubt be an enquiry afterwards.

Star Wars Episode VII will be filming for much of its shoot in the UK, so we can't rule out the possibility that the galaxy far, far away will film much closer to home again soon.

See it in cinemas in December 2015.

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