Star Wars Rogue One trailer in Lego is amazing


Star Wars Rogue One trailer in Lego is amazing

We think the Star Wars Rogue One trailer is pretty cool, and it definitely sets up the excitement for the first Star Wars spin off movie. But do you know what would make it cooler? Lego!

Behold what a team of masterlegocraftfolk managed to put together in just three weeks.

Just look at all the movement in the backround of the scenes, the sense of scale with the Death Star and the AT-ATs and just how incredibly close the action is to its live screen counterpart.

A lot of this was pure bricks and effort but putting it together also involved a whole lot of post production and visual effects to give it a real Star Wars look, which would be impossible live and on this kind of schedule.

You can see some of that effort here.

Mostly what we get from this is how passionate people are about Star Wars and how patient folks who make stop motion videos are. Hugely impressive stuff.

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