Star Wars the Force Awakens is finished!


Star Wars the Force Awakens is finished!

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens is totally finished and ready for your eyeballs.

Director JJ Abrams has confirmed that he wrapped up the final picture and sound mix for the highly anticipated new movie at 2 o'clock in the morning on Saturday the 21st of November. That's a good three weeks until the film is in cinemas, which is pretty good going for such a major undertaking.

It has to have been a majorly challenging time for the director, who was first announced to be taking on the role in January 2013. Of course the 49 year old has form in this area, he previously steered the Star Trek franchise through a major reboot in 2009, some seven years after Nemesis had brought the series to a screeching halt.

Trek may be big but in the wake of Disney picking up Lucasfilm there's nothing bigger than Star Wars. There's no doubt that the opening in December is going to break every box office record going and we think even top earners like Titanic and Avatar might finally have competition at the top of the pack.

Abrams spoke to Stephen Colbert over the weekend about things from the galaxy far, far away and went so far as to promise that there will be almost no lens flare in The Force Awakens. Which is very good news indeed. In other news, apparently the filmmaker has pretty interesting and conflicted feelings about finally releasing the film:

" [I'm] thrilled beyond words and terrified more than [I] can say."

Which sounds pretty appropriate.

The Force Awakens is in cinema on the 17th of December 2015.

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