Star Wars VII is Filming in a Desert. Just Outside London


Star Wars VII is Filming in a Desert. Just Outside London

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away is a great way to kick off a fantasy series with no obvious setting in time or place but its also all the more amusing because so much of Star Wars was filmed just across the water in the UK.

Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire played host to most of these interstellar wars in the past with Episiode VII the first to shoot at the iconic Pinewood Studios. And it looks like they've got some desert scenes planned when the production comes off hiatus soon.

A new still was just released by Cinelinx, showing off set which looks a bit like this.

The production was previously shooting in the actual desert in Abu Dhabi and now this not so real landscape has been constructed outside of Pinewood studios. It looks pretty convincing, if not exactly grand in scale and those huts have a definite sand people look to them, don't they?

Does that mean more time is going to be spent on Tatooine in this current movie? Would Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) really go back to a planet that had caused him so much pain, especially when he could go to a cool isolated island instead like the one of the coast of Ireland where he was filming recently?

We'll have to wait a year and a bit to find out.

Star Wars Episode VII is in cinemas from the 18th of December 2015.

Star Wars VII is Filming in a Desert. Just Outside London on
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