Storks review


Storks review

A stork and a human have to find a way to deliver a baby to its rightful family.

Well Storks is kind of mad. Coming from the Animation folks who pretty much broke the mold with The Lego Movie a few weeks back, it’s full of madcap characters doing crazy things more befitting the long-gone days of Tex Avery.

That’s no bad thing, especially when combined with an off the wall sense of humor which makes the most of leading man Andy Samberg’s ability to say many words in unusual clusters.

The broad style reaches its high point in a wolf pack which can become pretty much anything, their furry bodies making up bridges and vehicles against all laws of nature and good sense. Led by double-threat of Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, they’re easily the highlight of the picture.

Against all this energy and silliness the story does tend to fade into the background. It doesn’t make a lot of sense anyway when you think about it, especially as this world seemed to get on just fine without any help from storks, and it might raise some pretty awkward questions from your little ones.

The humour and zaniness also seemed, to me, to be pitched a little older than you might imagine. While the very youngest might be attracted to the bright colours, most of the jokes are aimed at their parents- making for some fidgety kids as the second hour kicked in.

Still there’s a decent amount of madcap fun to be had with Storks helped by an impressive voice cast including Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell.

-Daniel Anderson

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