Stranger Things creators want to continue the tale- watch the kids grow up


Stranger Things creators want to continue the tale- watch the kids grow up

Stranger Things debuted on Netflix last week, bringing a supernatural tale of unusual events in small town America in the 80s to our streaming devices.

Reviews have been mostly positive for the eight episode series which was created, written and partly directed by twin brother team Ross and Matt Duffer. With few previous credits to their name (a feature called Hidden and some writing on Wayward Pines) the pair managed to conjure up something pretty special in Stranger Things, with some help from their creative team and co-director Shaun Levy.

And the brothers want to do it all again, with plans to continue this period tale of teenage terror.

When we caught up with the Duffers a few weeks back we asked what they'd ideally like to do if they could be handed any project and they responded like people who are utterly passionate about their current project:

"It’s so hard because this was kind of our dream – to tell an original story that’s like a big sprawling movie that it’s in the vein of everything we love. I don’t even know what’s next. I’m so in Stranger Things, I can’t even think beyond that."

And it turns out that's a good thing;

"the hope right now is that people respond to the show and that we’re able to continue the story for a little bit longer and watch these kids grow up on camera for a couple more seasons."

That's an interesting idea, to stick with this same young cast and see how they grow and change in the wake of the pretty frightening events. While Stranger Things wraps up pretty neatly there are certainly elements which could be explored in later stories and the cast of kids did a great job in their first eight episodes. Maybe we'll even get to visit the fashion disaster decade of the 90s!

Stranger Things series one is on Netflix now.

Stranger Things creators want to continue the tale- watch the kids grow up on
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