Stranger Things pitch was E.T. with John Carpenter tunes!


Stranger Things pitch was E.T. with John Carpenter tunes!

Stranger Things is on Netflix tomorrow, bringing plenty of supernatural stuff to the streaming service.

It's the tale of a small town in rural Indiana in 1983, and the really odd stuff which happens when a young boy goes missing. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously worked on Wayward Pines and a feature called Hidden but this show sees them really land, especially as they wrote every episode and directed half of the eight in the first series.

We spoke to the twins over the phone a couple of months back, where they talked about putting together a pitching document for the series to talk to Netflix. It included some Spielberg footage with a very unique twist:

"When we were selling it we put together a trailer where we combined clips from John Carpenter movies and Spielberg movies and put Carpenter music over images from E.T. and it worked!"

Having seen the full series it's a pretty good summary of the feel of the show, with significant creeps and a sense of adventure that's also akin to The Goonies. The brothers were also intent on making it more than a collection of whimsical or nostalgic elements, with its own unique voice. And scares too.

"It gave E.T. an edge that it doesn’t have and made it scary as sh*t! And I loved that. I hope it makes the show feel very different than something like Super 8 where they purposefully had that sort of John Williams-y orchestral score over the whole picture."

If this sounds like something you'd be into, Stranger Things hits Netflix exclusively on the morning of the 15th of July, 2016.

Stranger Things pitch was E.T. with John Carpenter tunes! on
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