Suicide Squad 15A in Ireland- includes strong violence


Suicide Squad 15A in Ireland- includes strong violence

Suicide Squad is out in Irish cinemas on the 5th of August 2016 and it's going to be pretty darn hard core.

Rumours earlier this year suggested that the film might aim for an R-rating in the wake of the success of Deadpool but that didn't turn out to be true, mostly because the vast majority of the film had already been shot.

That was certainly a good decision but lest you think that it might be a softer kind of comic book movie we've just found out that it's going to be getting a proper 15A rating in Ireland.

So what's the rating for? Why all the good stuff like Strong Violence, Moderate Language and Sex References and even Mild Drug Use. This is not a Superman movie, that's for sure, finishing off with 'Strong weapons violence throughout.'

It's encouraging news considering the nature of the story that is being told, which is all about the worst of the worst being sent on a hopeless mission. If these folks didn't curse a little and no one died in a nasty fashion, it would all be pretty pointless. For reference, a 15A rating restricts access to those under the age of 15, unless they are accompanied by an adult who has agreed to let them see it.

In the UK the rating is 15s, for sustained threat and moderate violence. Basically no one is having a good time in this film, which means it might just be a riot for audiences.

August 5th, 2016 - Suicide Squad squeals into cinemas.

Suicide Squad 15A in Ireland- includes strong violence on
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