Suicide Squad adding more 'fun' in reshoots - oh dear


Suicide Squad adding more 'fun' in reshoots - oh dear

Reshoots, they're a curious thing.

It's a phase which happens during the production of a lot of films, especially large scale blockbusters. In fact, quite often part of the budget is set aside and the actors contracts are extended to make time for extra scenes or clarifications once the edit is underway. So the existence of reshoots isn't necessarily a reason to worry about the final product.

The latest film to go back for more is upcoming comic book adaptation Suicide Squad. It's set in the same world as Batman v Superman but focusses on a team of supervillains who are roped into a dangerous mission to help the side of good. The likes of the Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are in the mix, and there's starry cast to go along with this high profile release.

Word is that director David Ayer is back on set to bring some extra fun flair to these over the top characters, with a little more depth and a lighter tone. As it already looks like it's loads of fun from the trailers released to date, we hope they're not changing the tone in any major way. Basically, audiences want more of this.

That's pretty far removed from the dark and dreary-ness of Batman v Superman, which is just what the DC universe needs. We're hearing that these reshoots are pretty expensive, in the tens of millions of dollars, so it sounds a whole lot more extensive than adding a couple more pratfalls. We'll have to wait and see how it holds up in cinemas in August.

Suicide Squad adding more `fun` in reshoots - oh dear on
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