Suicide Squad credit scene revealed- what does it mean?


Suicide Squad credit scene revealed- what does it mean?

Suicide Squad debuted last week amid a hail of negative reviews and went on to bust some box office records.

That tale isn't quite told yet, it will need to hang onto that lead for a few more weeks to earn a profit but audience reaction has certainly been much more measured than the critical response.

Now that the movie is out there we can talk about the mid credit scene- obviously there are SPOILERS here if you haven't seen the film yet.

So this moment comes after the fancy animated titles and before the rather less flashy crawl. Viola Davis' Amanda Waller is having another meeting over dinner (she seems to like to mix business with food) and is having a meeting with none other than Ben Affleck, this time in his Bruce Wayne persona.

Waller hands Wayne a bunch of files of powered people who could be an asset to the world including Aquaman and The Flash, we also thought we saw a flash of Enchantress in there. In exchange Wayne says he'll help her clean up the mess which she just created in Midway City.

Wayne goes to leave and Waller says that he looks tired and shouldn't be working nights so much, pretty much suggesting she knows he's Batman. Wayne reponse is to say that she should shut down the X-Force group, or his friends will do it for her.

And we're out...

There are some obvious things in play here, mostly setting up the Justice League movies which will be debuting in 2017 and 2019. It's also keeping Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne in play, in case you forgot as he's already appeared in this movie, and suggesting the work of Waller and her X Force isn't yet done.

As franchise building its par for the course but doesn't really add anything, or bring out many revelations. Waller knowing Batman's true identity is kind of interesting but we're willing to bet you never hear about it again and we're not sure that Wayne should be working with someone as all out evil as this lady.

Still it remains to be seen if Suicide Squad will do enough at the box office to earn a sequel or if this supervillain blip will be forgotten in a push towards Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and the happy times of the Justice League.

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