Suicide Squad Extended Cut brings more Squad


Suicide Squad Extended Cut brings more Squad

Think what you will of Suicide Squad, you have control of your own brain, but I think it's fair to say that there were elements which felt a little undercooked, particularly when it came to the story and characters.

There have been a lot of stories about the problems behind the scenes and the footag which was left out of the theatrical cut and it's likely we'll never hear the whole story, but we will get to see some of those bits and pieces in a newly announced Extended Cut on home media.

Here's the trailer.

There are a very few glimpses of new stuff in there, with the most significant being Harley Quinn pre-crazy squaring up to what we're assuming it the Joker's car. That suggests we're going to see more of the complicated relationship between these two characters. Which isn't a bad thing.

It's also clear that there was a much darker vision of this film before extensive reshooting and rewrites, but it's unclear if we'll ever see that cut. This version will be on Digital HD in November and on blu-ray in early December, 2016.

- Daniel Anderson

Suicide Squad Extended Cut brings more Squad on
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