Suicide Squad had a record breaking opening weekend in cinemas


Suicide Squad had a record breaking opening weekend in cinemas

The early critical reviews for Suicide Squad weren't the best but that hasn't stopped the film from breaking box office records in its opening weekend.

David Ayers feature about the worst heroes ever brought down a huge $267.1 million (€240 million) worldwide in just three days, tearing up box office records left and right. It's the largest August domestic opening of all time, taking the crown from Guardians of the Galaxy and the biggest single day in August ever with over $65 million.

That's all good news for Warner Bros and there's more to like with an audience score of B+, suggesting that the people who actually pay to go to the cinema liked it a good deal more than critics. That's also reflected in the rift between critic scores and audience results; 40 vrs 6.8 on Metacritic and 26 vrs 72 on Rotten Tomatoes.

This opening puts the film in roughly the same territory as breakout hit Deadpool from earlier in the year but they're not quite comparable- Mr. Pools first movie was made on a third of the budget and relied on an effective series of ads with almost a grassroots feel. Suicide Squad cost a lot more to produce and had a huge amount of blanket promotion going on for the last year. Rough estimates suggest the film will have to top 700 million worldwide to turn a tasty profit.

Of course, Warner Bros and DC are in this for the long game and this opening will be encouraging as a step towards the future of titles like Wonder Woman and the first Justice League entry. Mostly it proves that, despite near saturation of the market, there's still an interest among audiences for comic book movies, and it's encouraging to see this universe producing something a little different than the dour adventures of Batman and Superman.

The other new release this week was Kevin Spacey as a talking cat in Nine Lives. It made $6.5 million dollars and is one of the worst reviewed films of the year.

Suicide Squad had a record breaking opening weekend in cinemas on
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