Suicide Squad holds fast at top of the box office


Suicide Squad holds fast at top of the box office

Suicide Squad had a pretty interesting time getting to the big screen and arrived amid a hail of negative reviews, but it seems audiences are flocking to the DC supervillain mashup.

After a huge opening weekend the film has held onto the top spot at the box office in the US with a further $44 million. Adding in the almost $60 million from international screenings brings its worldwide total to $465.3 million according to Box Office Mojo- or about €417 million.

That's great news for the folks at Warner Bros, with the big budget film ($175 million) originally sounding like it could have been a disaster at the box office. And it's far from gone yet, though it's hard to imagine it will top the nearly $900 million earned by Batman v Superman earlier in the year.

The next flick in the DC Extended Universe is Wonder Woman and this momentum will be a positive spin for that movie and looking into the future of the Justice League.

The other major release in the States last weekend was Sausage Party and it seems Sony might just have a hit on their hands. The low budget ($19 million) animated R-rated film about talking foodstuffs pulled down over $36 million and could have legs to continue for a few weeks yet. And that's without considering the international rollout, with the film arriving in Ireland and the UK on the 2nd of September, 2016.

Suicide Squad holds fast at top of the box office on
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