Suicide Squad trailer has new footage


Suicide Squad trailer has new footage

Movie promotion is a strange thing - a game played between studio and audience trying to figure out how much they can give away to entice folks to part with their hard earned cash.

So far, Suicide Squad has been doing a decent job in this particular game, showing off enough of the story set up and cool moments while managing to keep other elements in the background, especially the extend of Jared Leto's role as The Joker and the involvement of Ben Affleck's Batman.

The end result of this is that we've ended up with the same footage appearing over and over, often with different soundtracks and slightly different cutting. For this latest international trailer, there are a few new glimpses but they're few and far between.

Story, story, dark joke, quirky moment from Margot Robbie - and once again from the top. So far this is still working for me but a bit of a new approach would be good, either in the form of showing off a little of the threat they're facing or some radio silence for a little while.

Suicide Squad is out in August, 2016.

Suicide Squad trailer has new footage on
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